A gun safe can be one of the most important purchases you ever make as a gun owner. A number of preventable gun accidents can be mitigated with the proper purchase and committed use of a gun safe. Though some safes are expensive, there are plenty of deals to be found on both new and used gun safes. Below are a few tips on finding such deals.

Determine Your Needs

The success of your purchase of any type of firearm security device including gun safes is greatly enhanced when one takes into account proper considerations. Some of the things you may want to consider which affect the prices are:

  • How large of a gun safe do you need?
  • What types of guns will you be storing?
  • How long do you plan on owning this safe?
  • Do you want a key-pad, dial, or bio-metric (fingerprint) activation system?

Conducting proper research and making informed decisions will save you time and money. Now on to where the best deals can be found.

New Safes:

If you decide to purchase a new gun safe a trip to a sporting goods store may be in your future. Most national sporting goods chains, such as: “Bass Pro Shop,” “Gander Mountain,” and “Dick’s Sporting Goods” offer a wide variety of gun safes including the biometric versions. Before visiting any chain store be sure to check their websites for upcoming and on-going deals. Most chains offer coupons by registering with their website. Registering with websites may not be particularly appealing, but a potential savings of 10% – 20% may change your mind. Web based stores such as “Amazon” can be an attractive option when free shipping is offered. Stores such as “Lowes” and “Home Depot” sell safes as well. Coupons and sales occur frequently at these national chains and occur like clock-work (Labor Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, etc). The price range for a new gun safe is approximately:

  • Small Safe: $30 to $200+
  • Large Safe: $200 to $2,000+

*Please note a $200 large gun safe will afford you the most basic of models designed to keep children out.

Used Safes:

If you have decided to purchase a used safe there are many resources available. With websites such as “Craigslist”, “Backpage”, or “eBay”, finding a deal on a used gun safe has never been easier. In most cases these safes are up to 50% off what can be found new in a store. Also, some sellers may allow you to trade items in lieu of a cash purchase. Understandably some people may shy from buying anything used. Keep in mind you do not need to be an expert in determining if a gun safe is in proper working order.

  • Does the safe close/lock? Test the safes function at least 3-times before purchase.
  • Does the safe appear to be damaged (drill marks, torch marks, dents, etc.)?

Good luck in your new purchase. Again, the most important addition to any gun collection is that of a good gun safe. It’s always important to consider where you will be storing the safe, and make sure you have selected a safe that will contain a firearm of the appropriate size as well as finding a secure place in your home to store it.