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We cover all kinds of gadgets on our blog. Most of the time, we talk about gadgets and gizmos in the entertainment realm – TVs, computers, video games, that kind of thing. Today, though, we wanted to chat with you about a few of the weird skin care gadgets out there. We’ll cover a few in detail, but we’ll also be talking about them in general because we think it’s such an incredibly weird phenomenon.

So, if you haven’t seen in the recent years (or if you’ve been dead, since we don’t know how you could have missed it), the skin care market has become increasingly flooded with weird gadgets. Some are totally absurd. I mean really absurd. And it’s obvious to most people with a little bit of common sense that these absurd gadgets have never worked and are instead very elaborate marketing ploys to extort money out of a complacent populace.

What does work?

Some, though… some of these crazy things actually work. And, really, it’s something we at Stop SPP didn’t even want to admit. I mean, what self-respecting skeptic and tech geek wants to admit that rubbing a radio-wave-emitting magic wand over your face can help reduce bags under your eyes? We certainly didn’t, so it was almost painful (and funny) when a few of these damned things actually worked.

Before I tell you which ones worked, I should tell you that our round of product testing was a bit nostalgic for me. Why? Well, when I was a teenager, I was really just a dork who stayed in my room building computers. I had a few friends, but they were also dorks who stayed in their rooms building computers. I wasn’t anti-social, really. I actually did like hanging out with people. I was just shy, and it certainly didn’t help that I had acne. If you’ve never had acne, one of the things you may not understand is the weird effect it has on your personality – namely that you’re always just moderately embarrassed to be seen by anyone, which makes it hard to hang out with anyone except your good friends. Even after I got my breakouts under control, I usually still had dark spots.

Anyway, the point is: this stuff hits close to home, because while there’s usually no absolute cure for acne. I would have given my right pinky toe to get my hands on anything that could have made it even a little bit better.

It’s not a magic

That’s why I was shocked, amazed and even a bit sad (sad because I didn’t have these a decade ago) to find out a few of these wacky products actually worked. Which ones?

First, the Dermawand. The Dermawand is a weird magic wand that tightens your skin and pores via radio waves. Seriously. And (again, seriously), it actually works. It works better for people with less fat in their face, but it really does work. It’s great for older folks with sagging skin or for younger people who tend to have large pore openings that get clogged.

The other one was the No No Skin. This is an electric, laser, skin spot treatment thingy. Really, we have no idea how it works, but again, against all odds, the damned thing works.

There are plenty of other products out there, but if you don’t take anything else away from this piece, it should be that skin care technology is taking a turn for the awesome.