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Why Survivalism?

A survivalist lifestyle in the U.S. means taking pro-active precautions and preparations for macro scale emergencies. Such emergencies would result in catastrophic disruptions in the established sociopolitical and economic order.

Simply put, survivalists are preparing for the collapse of society either due to natural disasters, economic failures, global pandemics or terrorist acts by gathering and storing materials like food, water, gear, self defense items (think sharp survival knives or hunting knives).

Natural Disasters

Most survivalists prepare primarily for natural disasters of epic proportions like blizzards, solar storms, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis. The preparations of survivalists include stockpiling food and water, undertaking medical training, learning self-defense techniques, purchasing guns and ammunition and learning engineering skills in order to re-build structures. Many survivalists have gone as far as building underground bunkers in order to survive such apocalyptic events.

Many survivalists fear that there is a small cabal of power brokers that runs the world’s affairs in a conspiratorial manner. These survivalists believe that such a cabal would never notify the public in case of a pending devastating solar storm, tsunami, alien invasion etc.

Do It Yourself – DIY

So, survivalists take it upon themselves to prepare for these worst case scenarios. Most survivalists have adopted the “DIY” motto which means Do It Yourself. They understand that it is not prudent to rely on government officials to provide disaster relief aid and that anyone who seeks power is likely not a trustworthy person.

On the surface, the actions of survivalists appear to be extraordinarily paranoid. But once you dig deeper, you may find yourself becoming a bit of a conspiracy theorist and begin to side with the survivalists. After all, what harm is there in preparing for a potential country wide or global disaster?

Survivalists are learning valuable skills and storing food and supplies that can be used as barter in case currencies or banks collapse. These actions actually seem quite prudent when you give them some serious consideration. If you have ever had your power out for a week due to inclement weather then you have experienced how much we take for granted in terms of electricity that provides hot water and will heat up our food.

A Way of Life

Survivalists also break behavior patterns that would hamper their lives in the event of a disaster. These behavior patterns include watching television, eating processed foods, depending on alcohol and cigarettes and general consumerism. By ditching these bad behaviors, survivalists are preparing themselves for a simple and easily maintainable lifestyle.